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Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle

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Crafted by Dedicated Professionals

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The Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle offers superb flexibility and style for your child's daily meals. Whether you're outfitting one child with different options for each day or catering to multiple children, this set ensures everyone has something special to wear. Including three beautifully designed Emma Dress Aprons and three coordinating handcrafted hair clips, this bundle makes mealtime preparation a breeze.

Each apron features water-resistant fabric, stylish shoulder frills, and an adjustable waistband for a perfect fit, along with a snap button for easy on and off. The removable bowties and diverse hair clips allow for mixing and matching, ensuring your child is always meal-ready and fashionable, no matter the occasion.


Material: 100% Polyester

Water Resistant: This dress is not only perfect for special occasions, with its beautiful design, but we've also ensured it's practical for everyday use. By incorporating the finest water-resistant technology, we've made maintenance effortless, combining elegance with everyday convenience.

Care Instruction

We recommend hand washing this piece to maintain its water-resistant effect for as long as possible. If you prefer using a washing machine, we advise placing it in a laundry net and opting for a gentle cycle to preserve its effect.

Delivery & Returns

Most orders within the USA are dispatched from our US warehouse within 24-48 hours for quick and efficient delivery. We offer free shipping on all US orders over $100. You can expect your product to arrive in 3 - 7 business days.

    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle
    Dreamy Mealtime Trio Bundle

    The Finer Details

    Water Resistant For Spills

    Premium water-resistant fabric ensures this elegant piece is easy to keep clean.

    Adjustable Belts To Fit For Years

    Three snap button options for both shoulder straps and waist belt, offer a comfortable, long-lasting fit, perfect for more than just one season.

    Removable Bowtie

    Easily snap on the dreamy bowtie for dress-up, perfect for little ones who can't wait to tie a bow.

    Protect The Hems

    The twirly, full skirt provides excellent coverage for the hems, protecting against spills.

    Frill Shoulder Straps

    Finished with voluminous frills that protect the shoulders from messes, even when the little girl moves around.

    No Straps Around The Neck

    Perfect for babies who dislike neckties, this apron is designed for comfort without the need for tying around the neck.

    Silk organza Bowtie

    Made of super smooth organza, just like silk, this bowtie is very light, ensuring it stays in place and remains comfortable for the little one.

    Supersoft & Superlight Fabric

    Luxuriously soft and light as a feather, it adds an extra layer of protection that's almost unnoticeable when she wears it.

    No More Flipping Bibs

    Waist-tied apron, designed to prevent those baby bib flips.

    I think this pink dress is just right for my niece when it comes to mealtime. It's practical and cute too because of the soft fabric and those princess-like frills. This design can be adjusted so she can wear it as she grows up without it becoming too small for her in a matter of weeks or months. I must say that I was really impressed by its quality so I would highly recommend this store.
    These dresses are so cute! I really love the fabric and how easy you can put this on. My daughter really loves wearing it as well! I think it’s very good value for money.


    • Exclusively Designed

      Our founder/creative director personally designs each piece right here in the Netherlands.

    • Care-Driven Design

      We design each piece with the care of little ones in mind, aiming to make every day easy and joyful.

    • Made By Dedicated Professionals

      We collaborate with a skilled manufacturer to guarantee top quality, crafted one by one.