In our 'EMMA and' collection, exclusive design meets heartfelt purpose. We create with a special focus on your child, embracing the belief that the simplest moments today will become the most treasured memories one day.

A Mother’s Dream, A Brand’s Beginning

EMMA and' began in a cozy Dutch apartment in 2024, where a mother found her inspiration in the joyous moments with her daughter – her little muse. Every day brought new joys and inspirations, weaving dreams into the fabric of reality. In the midst of these cherished moments, an ordinary apron took on a new life. Transformed through love and creativity, this simple garment became a source of endless admiration whenever her daughter wore it.

This experience lit a spark in the mother's heart, the dream of creating a brand filled with the love and happiness found in those everyday moments. 'EMMA and' was born from this dream, a fusion of love, the art of savoring the present, and a passion for creating something special that everyone could cherish.

A Blend of Heritage and Heartfelt Craftsmanship

Our search for the perfect partners to bring our unique designs to life led us to select manufacturers who shared our commitment to quality. Our collection is a palette of timeless colors, crafted to complement your little one’s wardrobe seamlessly. Each piece, with its adjustable design and detachable silky bowtie, grows with your child, adding elegance to every occasion. The frills, a gentle embrace over the shoulders, are our signature – a symbol of our dedication to creating lasting memories.

A Journey of Discovery and Connection

Before 'EMMA and', the founder's world was in the corporate realm, a space of constant dynamism but little time for personal passions. It was a period of maternity leave that sparked a new chapter. Discovering the world of e-commerce, she immersed herself in learning everything from design to digital marketing. But the heart of this journey was the unwavering support from friends and family, who were integral in shaping 'EMMA and'. Their involvement went beyond business, deepening personal bonds and enriching the journey with shared experiences and growth.

The Path Ahead: Sustainability and Community

As we navigate the early stages of 'EMMA and', our aspirations soar high. We are keenly focused on embracing sustainable practices and materials, mindful of our environmental impact. Our vision includes contributing to society, perhaps through charity, and enhancing your experience with thoughtful gift options. We dream of expanding our range, welcoming boys into our fold, and exploring more functional attire. We value transparency and invite you to join us on this journey. Follow our story on Instagram, where we share each step, each triumph, and each learning. Become part of the 'EMMA and' family, where every day is an opportunity to grow and cherish life’s moments together.